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About us

The Vinnan Labs is an early stage startup, trying to replace the current methods of sterilization. Every year thousands die because of HAIs, Hospital-acquired infections. The traditions methods which are primarily chemical based have been ineffective in controlling HAIs.
We are developed a completely automated, safe and affordable UV-C based dextrous and mobile robot, which can perform the sterilization of a typical operation theater in less than 30min while ensuring that all the surfaces are irradiated with a minimum amount of UV dose. have

The Problem

HAIs: Hospital Acquired infections

"7 in developed & 10 in developing countries of 100 hospitalized patients acquire at least one HAI ."

World Health Organization
"50% of patients acquired HAIs on stay longer than 48 hours in a hospital. "

JIPMER, Puducherry
"Almost 75,000 deaths occurs in United states acute care hospitals, due to HAIs ."

US Dept of Health & Human Service

Why Choose Homa Robot

Some Awesome features of Homa Robot

Autonomous Navigation

The Homa Robot doesn't require any human intervention once left in the space to sterilise, it navigates on its own.


The Homa Robot has arms with 2 DOF providing it enough dexterity to go closer and under the surfaces.

Holonomic Drive

The robot features a Holonomic Drive which enables it to move it in any direction without turning giving it ability to navigate in narrow passages.

Dosage Optimization

Using our novel algorithm the Robot ensures that all the surfaces are irradiated with a minimum amount of UV Dose

Meet The Team

Founder & CEO

Rajat Bansal

Founder & CTO

Manuj Kushwaha


Dr Arshad Javed

Scientific Advisor

Dr Suman Kapur

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